It's Time to Market Electromagnetic Marketing

When Electromagnetic Marketing launched in June of 2017, I had a clear vision for the kind of agency that I wanted to build at the 30,000-foot level, but there were a lot of details that took some time to flesh out. When I look back at the “Meet Electromagnetic” post from last year, it’s basically an accurate description of where we were headed, but there were so many specifics that I couldn’t have anticipated at that time.

We were fortunate to have wonderful clients who helped us get off the ground. The projects we have worked on over the last year helped us grow and better refine our unique voice and fine tune our perspective.

We’ve grown from one person in a co-working space to 4 people working in an office at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, AL. That growth has come from referrals and relationships. If we ever had questions about humanity (and frankly, there has been some cause for concern), those questions have been answered by the profound kindness and goodwill that has been directed at us over the last 17 months. We’ve been especially fortunate that the clients who have come our way were a good fit for us.

While we are grateful, we know that there is one law of marketing that must catch up with us soon. In order to grow with the kinds of clients that would most benefit from our skills and expertise and avoid distractions that take us outside of our expertise, we have to start telling our story.

It’s time to market Electromagnetic Marketing.

That statement will be perceived in a variety of ways. Some of you might feel a little bit queasy when you think about yet another marketing company brazenly promoting themselves. Maybe others will shrug their shoulders and view it as a necessary evil. If you feel that way, would it change your perspective to know that we believe that educating clients is one of the best ways to market ourselves - not promoting? What if our marketing program is designed as an act of service rather than an exercise in seeking value?

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Our experience has shown over and over again that marketing plans that educate deliver the strongest return on investment. So while we are proud to approach this as an act of service, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is going to be pretty great for us. I’d love to say that I’m altruistic, but unfortunately, Alabama Power doesn’t accept good deeds as a form of payment.

So who are the altruistic but realistic folks who call themselves Electromagnetic Marketing?

  • A Content Marketing Agency- We believe that educating potential clients is more powerful than promoting our services to them. And we LOVE all kinds of content including blogs, white papers, videos, podcasts, infographics. If it helps illustrate, educate, and communicate, we love it.

  • B2B Focused- We love helping B2B businesses grow. We love restaurants too but our expertise in that industry is as patrons, not marketers.

  • Client Advocates- We advocate for the voice of the client - both your clients and ours. We believe that the most enlightening voice in your company is your client and that all marketing should reflect empathy and a deep knowledge of the challenges they face and the problems that they are trying to solve.

  • Committed to Measurable ROI- Abstract benefits are great, but we strive to build measurable goals and tracking into every campaign.

We create content about modern brand development and content marketing. What does that mean? Stay tuned. We’re on a mission to share it with you.

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