Content Marketing

Content marketing delivers your message to potential clients at the moment when they are ready to make a buying decision. Blogging on topics that are relevant to your customer's needs helps your website show up when they are actively searching for companies like yours. In addition to increasing traffic to your site through the creation of blog posts, a good content plan is the fuel that will drive your social media, email, and advertising efforts. 

Social Media

Social media plays a different role for businesses than it does for individuals. In addition to opening a vital connection with your customers, social media is also a collection of advertising review platforms. Developing a strategy for engaging with the conversation that is already taking place about your business online is a critical component of any marketing plan.

Email Drip Campaigns and Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers results. Many of us claim that we don't respond to email marketing, but at Electromagnetic Marketing, we have seen over and over again that this can become one of the most powerful tools in the bag when it is paired with high-quality content and a strategy that respects your customer's inbox.

Lead-nurturing campaigns and email drip campaigns take the best elements of email marketing and supercharge them. We develop a series of emails that present your key messages in a variety of ways in order to reach your target customer. Lead nurturing campaigns increase conversions by using different methods for presenting your content through email including video, infographics, and white papers. These strategies increase conversions by meeting your customers where they are and giving them the content that they want. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a little intimidating. Many business owners imagine a team of programmers performing arcane tasks to trick the search engines into bringing more traffic to your site. There was a time when that might have been true, but Google just keeps getting smarter. Modern SEO consists of creating high quality content for your site, using the same terminology to describe your services that your clients use, and following a handful of best practices for setting up your site and your content.   

Local Directory Optimization

Some of our clients struggle to understand what local directory optimization is, but they certainly understand when it goes wrong. Your website represents a small fraction of the content on the web about your business. Online directories like Google and social sites like Facebook have extensive profiles on your business including hours, services provided, categories, phone number and address. Unfortunately, this information is rarely 100% accurate. We claim these profiles, update them, and optimize them for your business. 

Review Curation

Online reviews can be a tremendous source of leads, but they can also be one of the greatest points of risk for a business. We work with our clients to develop strategies for curating positive reviews, responding to negative review, and leveraging reviews to increase your company's exposure online.

Analytics and Reporting

An effective marketing campaign delivers a measurable return on investment. We track every link in the marketing chain to identify opportunities for success and improvement. We collect huge amounts of data on your website and other components of your marketing plan, and then we help you understand the story that the data tells. Analytics and reporting equip business owners to understand ROI and make informed decisions.  

Enhanced Analytics

Basic analytics identifies broad trends in your marketing campaigns, but wouldn't it be great if you could identify specific customers that visit your site and the products and services that they explored? You can! We can track businesses that visit your website from their office and tell you the pages that they visited, the amount of time that they spent on each page, and where they left the site. This provides a list of warm leads that your sales team will love. 


Content marketing is about so much more than blogging. Marketing campaigns are more effective when they present your message through a variety of methods, and video is one of the most effective tools available. We can produce anything from simple web videos to commercial-quality productions and corporate videos.


Photography is the key to a great website. Great pictures can tell your story in a way that words can't. We help our clients with everything from product photography to headshots and architectural photography.  

CRM Utilization

CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers) are very popular, and most companies have tried Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Sugar, PipeDrive or another CRM.

Unfortunately, most companies fail to successfully integrate a CRM into their day to day business processes. We have partners that help with implementation, but even companies that have paid for custom implementation fail to effectively use their Customer Relationship Manager because they don't have a plan for crafting their message to make the most of the tool. Electromagnetic specializes in developing your message for your website, emails, white papers, gated content, videos, and other media so that your organization can unlock the full power of your CRM. We work directly with your sales and marketing teams to get the message right and facilitate day-to-day utilization.

Website Design

A website is the hub of any successful modern marketing plan. We design beautiful websites that are focused on converting traffic into leads. Our primary focus is WordPress and Squarespace website development, but we have experience with a variety of platforms.