When you understand and communicate YOUR unique value and expertise, the competition doesn’t matter. Electromagnetic Marketing helps companies generate leads by effectively communicating their value.

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What is the difference between a message that attracts clients and one that repels them?


Electromagnetic Marketing helps businesses connect with potential clients and qualified sales opportunities. We specialize in business to business marketing for industrial and technical clients.

We help our clients understand the unique value that they bring to the marketplace, and we help them follow a plan to connect with potential clients based on that value. Whether you call this inbound marketing, client-centric marketing, or content marketing, this is a powerful and effective method for sustained and profitable growth.

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An effective marketing campaign views your products and services from the client’s perspective. In order to do this we:

  • Identify clients that are a good example of the kinds of clients your business needs for future growth and profitability.

  • Determine the relevant problems these clients were trying to solve when they contacted you.

  • Find out where these clients look for solutions to these problems.

  • Understand how these clients describe their problems and challenges.

  • Gather feedback on client’s perspective on your company’s products and services as a solution to these challenges.

Equipped with this information, we design a comprehensive marketing strategy that generates qualified inbound leads utilizing modern tools to accurately measure your return on each dollar spent.

We leverage the power of your industry expertise and experience along with our marketing expertise and experience to develop marketing that attracts.

Is your message reaching potential clients? Is it attracting or repelling them? Find out today!

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