About Electromagnetic Marketing

Electromagnetic is a digital marketing agency in Birmingham, AL. We focus on message and quality first in order to help our clients generate content, blog posts, social media, and advertising that they are proud of.  

We have decades of experience in marketing, advertising, and business strategy to help your company or organization achieve its goals. Electromagnetic Marketing is a proud participant at Innovation Depot. 

Our Team

Jamie Parris

Jamie has a natural curiosity and cheerful enthusiasm that is the driving force behind anything he endeavors. Jamie graduated from Jacksonville State University with a degree in Psychology and Music. He knew that he didn’t want to pursue psychology as a career or be a band director, but he wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do. His friend Scott Elliott (spoiler alert!) helped him get a job at Verizon. Jamie benefited tremendously from years working in retail management and business sales with Verizon, but he had a dream for building a different kind of career that aligned with his natural love of story and message, as well as an odd fascination with statistics. 

In 2008, Jamie had an opportunity that aligned perfectly with his talents and interests. He was offered a position as an Account Manager at Infomedia - a Birmingham-based web design firm. Jamie was grateful to have this opportunity to learn marketing and advertising as he worked with his clients at Infomedia. With a young family at home, going back to school wasn’t an exciting proposition. After working at Infomedia and its sister company, Uptick Marketing, for 9 years, Jamie had a clear vision for a different kind of marketing and advertising agency. He wanted to create an agency with a digital expertise, but also with an appreciation for any marketing tactic that delivers ROI. On June 1st, 2017, he made that dream a reality and created Electromagnetic Marketing. He works daily to build a dynamic, client-focused agency that embraces innovative marketing strategies. 

Jamie has been married to Jessica for 19 years. They have 3 sons, ages 16, 14, and 10. With Electromagnetic, he has something that he never imagined would be possible during the first decade of his career. He looks forward to going home to his family at the end of every day, but he also looks forward to going to work every morning. 

  • What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Sitting on the back deck with a cold drink (in a koozie) hanging out with his wife, kids, and neighbors. 
  • Proof that he is Adulting properly: He always has a koozie. There is no excuse for drinking a canned drink without a koozie. Ever. 
  • Quote: "Do you have a whiteboard that I can use?"
jamie headshot.jpg

Scott Elliott

Scott likes getting out of the office to meet new people and learn about new things.  It is often said by his family that they can’t go anywhere without Scott seeing at least one person that he knows! He has threatened many times to run for public office due to this, but truly has no interest in politics.

Scott is a graduate of Carson-Newman University and lives in the Birmingham area with his wife, Alison, and their children, Erin and Micah. He enjoys all aspects of being outdoors: hiking, taking photos, camping, and hunting. After spending 17 years with Verizon in sales and sales management, he left in 2015 to pursue a calling to work with a local non-profit ministry serving the community with food and clothing.  It was an incredible three years where the ministry experienced significant growth in the number of people it was able to serve in the community.  Scott left with new friendships, both locally and internationally, and he continues to have a passion for serving others and supporting non-profits by connecting them with volunteers and companies. 

  • What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Hanging out with friends for dinner and board games!
  • Favorite animal: Dog (we have 2)
  • Quote: "Must have a plan."
scott headshot.jpg

Guro Midtsund

Guro is head of Electromagnetic Marketing’s international division and our Scandinavian language specialist. Born and raised in the Norwegian countryside, she moved to Oslo after high school to study at the University of Oslo. Here, she spent most of her time volunteering for social student activities instead of studying in the classroom. She still managed to finish her major in history, but all her experience from organizing concerts for her fellow students led her to a career in the world of rock´n´roll rather than in the world of academia. She moved to the US and Birmingham in November of 2017. 

Guro has spent most the last decade working as a freelance project and production manager. She has broad experience on the production side of festivals, corporate events, and venue operations, as well as tour management and sporting events like the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games. She has also managed many projects for cultural non-profit organizations, and she has been teaching other festival organizers, something that has taken her around the world to Cyprus and Bangladesh. 

Guro is married and lives in Crestwood. She always has some side projects going on, and likes taking on new challenges. She enjoys travelling, hanging with friends, concerts, books, movies, and exercising. Guro is also a licensed real estate agent in Alabama and splits her time between Electromagnetic Marketing and Keller Williams Hoover.

  • What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: On the sofa with a large glass of red wine.
  • Favorite animal: If her husband wasn't allergic, she would love to have a cat.
  • Quote: "I have never done it before, so I can do that."
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